Another chance to live less than large

After 3 days have passed I have a good feeling about this challenge. My goals are consistent with my longer term plans to focus on endurance events in 2010-11. That said, I have jumped back into a simple, but effective powerlifting routine, Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1, and after just 4 days feel better. I enjoy lifting weights, and heavier is better, as least for me.  Now that I’m scaling back my running, it’s time to restore some strength, reduce fat and prepare for next year’s running and triathlon season.

We’ve enjoyed some good questions in just three days of posting. Today’s question was something on the order of “What have you accomplished  that you thought was impossible?”  In my post I replied by stating I have flown airplanes that I never dreamed I could and I have run a half marathon or three.  Some of the other posters mentioned their education accomplishments, post grad work, all stuff to make one proud. Funny, I didn’t think to list  my return to complete my undergraduate degree at 53. I mention this because I’m struck by the fleeting nature of goals. What seems so important at one stage in life, becomes strikingly less important when either accomplished or passed over for newer pursuits.

Post script to our host’s reply, he mentioned flying a P-51 as a dream goal, I managed to get a ride in one last June. I can only imagine how frightened yet thrilled young pilots might have felt some 56 years ago as they pushed the throttle forward for takeoff.

Now for less ethereal notes. To reach my goals, I must concentrate on eating for fuel, not just because I love to eat. It’s not that I haven’t been eating clean, but the extras have to go if I want to see less bodyfat.  It’s tough to train hard for endurance events and lose weight, without any A races upcoming, it’s a good time to make some dietary changes.

As for workouts, I’ll run to train, bike for rehab, swim for technique and lift weights for strength and to  support the fat loss program. Sounds like a plan!


4 responses to “Another chance to live less than large

  1. Glad you made it ove – now import the rest of you old blog. I am down in FL – just getting the house set up and testing the old computer to make sure I can get on line.

    Always enjoy following your progress to achieve the goals you set.

    TNT Man

  2. Hey SixGZ,

    I love your blog! You always have so much to say that has lots of meaning!

    You have accomplished so much in your short time on this planet, can only imagine what the next 100 years hold for you! Going back to school at 53 is one heck of an accomplishment, not to mention the flying, the 1/2 marathon’s, the tri’s and of course that Olympic oops I mean Iron Man you are training for! 🙂

    So glad to have you here to motivate me!


  3. BBM, TNT,

    You two are the pillars of the 52DC, I must admit I was less than happy with the transient nature of the participants until you appeared. Thank you for making all of this worthwhile.

    I’ll try to do a better job of keeping up with all our blogs, I understand what goes into putting your thoughts out there for the world to potentially see. And yes, TNT, I’ll work on the import and some pictures for you, BBM.

    Here’s to a wonderful Winter 52DC for all of us, may we realize what we hoped and then some!


  4. “What seems so important at one stage in life, becomes strikingly less important when either accomplished or passed over for newer pursuits.”

    I think about that alot. You create some goal- maybe it’s buying a car or losing 10 pounds. And you align your actions with achieving it, and once you do, you’re like “now if I put a sick system in this car…” or “I lost 10 pounds- I want to run a marathon…” and the whole process just repeats. I think goals only exist to push you forward. It’s just human nature to want more or demand more out of yourself.

    Great blog.

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