Pain and Power

Sunday’s race  is 5 days away. I’m excited, but dreading what lies ahead. This race is unique to the area, 10 miles with 3 miles of climbing in the first 5. Mile 4 is steep and raises my HR as high as I can stand. Frankly it’s painful. Just as I’m sure I will not be able to tolerate any more abuse, the road levels, drops and starts a series of rollers.

Last year was my first time, having ran the associated 5K three other years. I remember watching with fascination as the 10 mile racers started finishing   at the hour mark with a steady stream at 1:20-1:40.

So in 2008 I had to race it.  The experience was incredible, once I crested the long hill I was on fire, filled with exhilaration for having made it. Yes, the last 2 miles were tough but  I had conquered the mountain,  and powered the long downhill, so my leaden legs followed my desire to push to the finish.

This year feels different. Perhaps I’ve lined up for too many long races and have lost  the fire that drives me to attack this climb.

Yet, I vividly recall my elation as I left behind the pain of the uphill and began screaming down the mountain through the brown leaf carpet, not caring if I slipped, just wanting to go faster.

That is the picture I will hold close for the next 5 days. The fire I’ll feel in my legs and lungs will consume this picture, leaving embers that stay with me until they are  useful once again.


5 responses to “Pain and Power

  1. On that one – you have come close to kissing the Blarney Stone – your posts are always creatively worded – A Man of Words.

    This time – A Man Who Races. I couldn’t even walk the campus of Lehigh let alone run that race. You will do well – because it is in you to do well.

    TNT Man

  2. I just can’t say it enough….you are one incredible person! You have conquered so much more than I could ever dream of doing….I know you will do exactly what you set out to do! Your drive is like no other…I can’t wait to hear your success story!

    Good luck and thanks for providing so much motivation!


  3. TNT Man and Baseball Mom –

    Your kind words mean so much. Thanks for reading, and for adding to this experience with your thoughtful comments. You really make a difference.

    May we all enjoy these special moments together!


  4. Ok Sixgz!

    I think you need to have a pg next challenge to update your blog…what do you think? You have so much to bring to the rest of us….I will be watching for that! 🙂

  5. Yes, I second that. This blog definitely needs an update. You do have so much to give. I look forward to updates.

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