I meet the beast

Last week I had the bright idea to buy a larger kettlebell. Pricing and availability was better on the 80 lb  vs the 72 lb bell. Picked it up at my local Walmart (another story in itself) and dropped it in the garage for another day.

It’s heavy.  I walk past it for two days and it mocks me. No way I say, “I’ll stay with my friend the 50lb bell. We fit each other, and swing merrily back and forth in sets of 20.” The 80 bell growls and I hear, ” you know you want to do this”.

I stall until 10:00 PM, and finally as I turn to close the garage doors for the night, I know it’s time.  Two hands around the handle and away we go. I gasp at the effort required to swing this beast. At the 6th swing I get it, the energy flows, my hips snap, hamstrings quiver and we stop exhausted at 10. Gingerly I lower the beast and carefully stand up so as not to totally black out.

It’s not likely the beast will ever be like my 50lb kbell friend but we will meet again and again in  furious moments of unrestrained bravado.


3 responses to “I meet the beast

  1. SixGz’s,
    I do believe you are the beast!!!! I know you will be swinging that ball like crazy in no time!!!!
    Once again, there is nothing you can’t do!



  2. LOL – well stated. Now – do it with one arm.
    You are shaming me into increasing my weight – ouch.

  3. Ignore TNT’s comment!

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