To the starting line yet again

We start the Classic 52Dc, 2011 edition tomorrow. Despite a strange interlude of  an earthquake, hurricane and flooding during the last one, causing some interruption, I’m excited to continue what I started last time.

Here are my goals:

CE: 95
RT: 20
CT: 35

PG1: Triple Terror: 40 hours CT, 1200 pullups, 1200 pushups.
PG2: 5% WLC 9lbs
PG3: swim 1 mile continuous
PG4: D&L Half Marathon 10/23 <2:15
PG5: 50 days of PLP starting at 30 reps

I think I have it, a balance of all the things I want and need to do. Everyday I do the PLP combo of  pullups, lunges, and pushups. I vary the lunges with kettlebell swings, pushups are usually on a BOSU ball or with blast straps.  Knowing I have to get up and do pullups is strangely satisfying. I use the lunges for stretching. I’m starting at 30 so at the end of challenge I  will doing each exercise for 82 reps, of course not all in one set. Let’s hope my upper body cooperates.

The Triple Terror is new, I’ve been challenged by Baseball Mom and testpilotgg, to develop a program to push each other in some similar but not identical fashion. I believe the 40 hour CT goal will accomplish our goals but not lock each person into identical modes. I for one will cut running back to 2x weekly in November and replace it with swimming and biking. How much of each I can’t say but I’ll strive for 40 hours of heart pounding, sweat infused activity.  The 1200 pullups and pushups is a stretch too and we may be reaching a terminal amount here but we won’t know till we try.

As for swimming, it remains the the great unconquered piece for me. I have swam 1 mile in the open water several times while participating in triathlon but I need to do it without the extreme effort that has been required. Swimming is key to my Half Ironman Triathlon goal, I can cycle and run the distance but not if I’m in the water all morning. I’m swimming Wednesday, if nothing else but to prove to myself that I’m serious about this goal.

What else, oh yes, the D&L Half Marathon on Sunday. I’ll do a post in the another category on this but let me say it’s my 6th HM and I’m running with my son John, it’s his first. So how cool is this? We’re not fast but we do have fun.

As for the WLC of 9 lbs, I almost completed this last time but gave it all back in the last 3 weeks of the challenge.  I’m expecting to do better but I always do. I gave away all my clothes that fit at the beginning of the last challenge, replaced them with smaller sizes and now am at the point of muffinesque. No, I’m not re-buying the last size so I have no choice but to make a concerted effort to accomplish this goal.

So there it is, plenty of activity, exciting goals, and an opportunity  to redefine myself yet again. The story begins tomorrow.


3 responses to “To the starting line yet again

  1. WOW!!!! WOW!!! You are one motivated guy…but I knew that!!!! You have a great challenge planned. You definately will fit into those clothes or maybe a size smaller if you complete all of these goals!!!!

    You have always been up for a challenge! Good luck and thanks for always leading the way!


  2. Once again you stand at the foot of the Mountain of Exercise and I have no doubt that you will once again conquer it!

  3. The goals you set always amaze me. You are one – MONSTER competitor. Go for it.

    TNT Man

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