Spring 2013 52DC – Finding the limits

I’ve been away from this opportunity for too long, maybe not. When it’s time, you know. We start the Spring 2013 edition of the 52DC in 11 days.  Over the past 5-6-7 years, not sure when, I’ve consumed a fair amount of time working on just the right goals.

Not today though, these came to me in a moment, because I have a sense of urgency I’ve never felt before. Good or bad, win or lose, this challenge will help me find the new limits.

My Goals –


PG1: Triple Terror Redux – 1200pullups – 1200 pushups – 40 hours CT/RT
PG2: Swim 40Km
PG3: 5% WLC 9lbs
PG4: 14 Consecutive pullups

The campaign is waiting, and I am prepared.


4 responses to “Spring 2013 52DC – Finding the limits

  1. SixGz’s:

    There is no rest for the weary is there? You are already to go for the next round! I am too! Looks like you aren’t giving me any time to slack off…that is going to be a tough challenge for me but I am always up for it!

    Thanks for always leading the way!


    • BaseBall Mom – So glad you are joining in the “fun”. I’m not sure who is leading who, but the only way forward is a step or two at a time.
      Enjoy, I know you will.


  2. SixGz’s: Glad you’re back to blogging – at least for now. Tough goals as always. See you at the starting line.

    TNT Man

  3. TNT Man – Thanks, good to be back. You know the old story, the child who doesn’t speak until he’s 7. When asked why he did not speak he replies, ” I didn’t have anything to say”.

    As always, I admire your steadfastness and those steel shoulders.

    Let’s make it a great challenge.


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