40 Days to the Land of Promise

If not the promised land, perhaps I’ll discover a new version of me. I’ve been intrigued by Dan John’s workout programming. Several years ago he wrote a program titled ” 40 Days Workout” wherein he suggests doing short strength workouts every day for 40 days. I like the the free form nature, as Mr John encourages you to increase the weight when it feels right (and “you’ll know this” he writes.) The repetitive nature is appealing yet there are enough options to suit my style.

I did my first of 40 today. Dan John calls for 2×5 of the following : Dead lift, Pull, and push. You follow the big 3 with a hinged movement and some ab work.

Here’s today’s scheme: Warmup followed by – 2×5 of Trap Bar DL (190), Pullups with 10lb DB, Staggered Stance Land Mine Push Press (45) , 20 KB (50) swings, and 5 of the Dragon Flag ab movement.

It should work. There is adequate tension but the workout takes only 25 minutes with warmup.

Give me something simple to do everyday and I’m likely to do it. But not forever! Let’s see what I learn in next 40-50 days, (you are allowed  breaks for life’s stuff).


One response to “40 Days to the Land of Promise

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you are surrounded by your family! Hopefully we can all meet up at the 52 DC starting line again….
    We are heading to Disneyland after Xmas for family time before Paulie heads to AZ.

    Enjoy the holidays!


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