Lines on the road

It has occurred to me that I should establish a few rules for the upcoming Spring 52DC. Rules, boundaries, or guidelines, whatever you call them, I need to define how I’m going to stay on the road to the land of change. These are appropriate for me, and I will make changes if progress is stalled.

Clean Eating – I lose a CE if I have more than one beer a day, or eat more than a 1/4 cup of ice cream.  I’m not into deprivation, but I’ve learned what I can do  or not to lose fat. Any candy, chips or baked goods will be considered a cheat. A cheat is fine but I only have 9 in 52 days. The only exceptions to the above are Wednesdays and Easter!


Wednesday has turned into a monster workout day, so if I’m to indulge, let it be on a day when the fire is really burning.

Workouts – All pushups will be either blast strap, elevated BOSU or incorporated into a Renegade Row. My tactical plan is to average 25 pushups and pullups a day. Some of the pullups will be weighted, today I’m using 10 lbs.

My typical CT workout is 30 minutes or greater so there will be no problem meeting the commonly accepted standard.  I check the RT box when I do a whole body program, a pushup/pullup day is simply doing good work.

The road ahead has been marked with freshly painted lines. The Challenge starts in 5 days.


6 responses to “Lines on the road

  1. Marriedtothebest

    Way to go Handsome Man! I know this will be another notch in your oh-so-successful exercise belt!

  2. SixGz’s:
    You really have it all planned out this time….not that you don’t normally…No doubt in my mind this will be another successful challenge for you! Me on the other hand…I was just telling my hubby today, the 10 days in AZ my do me in as far as our challenge and the 40 hours…but we will see!

    You are set to go! i like how you have stated you aren’t in deprivation mode….that doesn’t lead to success very often!

    Good luck!


    • Baseball Mom – I’m just making up my excuses up front, you know poor planning… You will do great, if I recall you found a way to beat me last year while in Arizona. Enjoy the family and don’t take too much time away from them working out.


  3. SixGz:
    You set one helluva high bar. Expect no less.

    TNT Man

  4. TNT Man – Just following your lead, believe me! Thanks for reading and leading me back to blog land. Blogging does enhance the process.

    Have a wonderful and productive challenge. Who knows what we’ll learn?


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