Triathlon, thy name is – I’m not happy until I’m unhappy

Swimming has never been my friend. Despite at least 10 triathlons of varying distances I’ve never considered myself a swimmer. I still don’t, but I have this soft goal of accomplishing an open water swim of 2.4 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes. But that isn’t going to happen at the my current rate.

Today was the first day of the Spring 2013 52DC and I was prepared to start off strong. An early lifting session went well, I completed Day 9/40 of my plan.  I even did  extra pullups and pushups to bank against a trip next week.

Off to the pool at lunch for 1600 meters, not today though. My arms were tired and my legs just sank. I realize I’m faster with a pull buoy (swim aid) than without, thus  I suspect my kick is  taking me the wrong way. Time for a technique lesson or three. Can I swim the way I do now and get it done?  Perhaps but I can do better.

Not to be discouraged I planned an easy 50-60 bike with some fast intervals mid ride. The change to daylight saving is a great benefit, but not today. I came downstairs, fully dressed in my serious road cyclist gear and was greeted by my wife saying, “did you look outside?” “Not a chance I’m riding or maybe not” I say as I watch 30 mph winds drive snow across the yard.


I grabbed my tri bike, put it on the trainer in the basement and proceeded to do a warmup followed by 4x4minute hard intervals. 36 minutes later I was soaked, tired and miserable. And that makes makes me happy.

Thus ends the first day of this Challenge.


2 responses to “Triathlon, thy name is – I’m not happy until I’m unhappy

  1. SixGz’s:
    I was up early doing my weights too…man were my legs tired…lol! That would have been one heck of a bike ride in the snow! Glad you got some work in anyway….you need to be in CA…80 degree’s today!

    Great first day!


  2. Nothing to say – but respect.

    TNT Man

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